Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Out For A Cup Of Tea, Exposes The Real Cost Of Being Famous

Ugh, just let the man be!

When celebrities complain about herds of paparazzis snapping their photos all the time, love-stricken fans clogging their mailboxes with letters, or asking for their autographs, most of us just pshh and carry on with our lives, not really considering how unnerving such a lack of privacy can be.

But good guy Cristiano Ronaldo is about to change that and make us all more mindful of famous people's personal business.

To demonstrate the real price of fame (and let's be honest — to promote his new business venture, Roc Live Life Loud), Ronaldo took part in a social experiment where he joined his buddy for a casual afternoon tea at a local cafe.


A cup of tea sounds pretty relaxing, eh? Not when you're one of the most wanted men alive, and this video proves it:

At the end of the video, it seems like more than a hundred people took selfies and photos of Ronaldo, some even sneaking up from behind:

Albeit its commercial purposes, the video clearly shows that being a celebrity is not a cakewalk, as most people imagine. The constant attention can be tiring, annoying, and even frightening at times.

However, Ronaldo is an obvious expert in dealing with situations like this, so he kept his cool, flashed his pearly white teeth, and let fans enjoy this unexpected encounter. 


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