13 Inventors Changed The World In The Most Creative And Oddest Ways Ever

People create the weirdest things.

People constantly create innovative products that are super helpful. But sometimes, these new products come across as a little odd. Either way, your life could be instantly better because of these inventions.

Here are 13 creative products that border genius and weird, but you're glad they exist:


1. Is that a yes or a no?

2. No car pollution here.

3. Drawing castles everyday.

4. Dogs might get used to this one.

5. Rubik's Cube on the brain.

6. Give your fish a walk.

7. An early dog leash.

8. This serves two purposes.

9. A unique pillow.

10. A sleeping bag to prevent bear attacks, and maybe to scare people.

11. Odd hat, but useful.

12. Would a dog really like this one?

13. The hottest new utensil.


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