11 Extravagant Gadgets Every Vintage Lover Needs

Throwbacks that don't too far back.

VHS Camcorder, the app for smartphones.


This week, Rarevision released an app that lets you take vintage camcorder-quality videos with your smartphone. A lot of people's reactions lay somewhere between want!! and why??, and we're pretty intrigued by the whole high tech retro trend this app falls into. Check out these other examples of fancy modern gadgets masquerading as old school, vintage gear.

1. VHS Camcorder, the app for smartphones.

2. The Sundial Watch.

3. The USB Typewriter.

4. Retro iPhone Case.

The ePipe.

5. iRecorder: iPod speakers disguised as a cassette recorder.

6. Retro Phone Handset.

7. The E-Pipe.

8. Digital Bolex D16: digital film camera.

9. Wireless Atari.

10. Old-school stereo headphones.

11. 50s Fridge.


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