9 Dads Who Took Creative Parenting To A Whole Other Level With Their Out-Of-The-Box Techniques

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This June, A Plus is celebrating Father's Day and the release of the film "One Last Thing," a one night only Chicken Soup for the Soul event, with a cavalcade of dad stories, videos and — of course — jokes. The film is playing nationwide on June 13.

While most parents have to get creative every now and then to teach their kids an effective lesson, some take their techniques to a whole other level.  To celebrate those parents who went above-and-beyond with their creativity, we're highlighting nine dads who might as well be named Father of the Century. 

Their techniques were so out-of-the-box,  they were even showcased online where they went viral for all to enjoy. And while their kids may not have always been laughing in the moment, we sure hope they are laughing now.  


1. This dad who dressed up to keep his daughter off her phone.

So many teens are addicted to screens these days, so telling them to "stop using that phone" is often futile. But Dad Bradley Herbst came up with a hilarious way to keep his 14-year-old daughter, Sydney, off her phone while he drives her to school. If Sydney uses her phone, this dad will walk her to school dressed in a costume. He has worn everything from a cheerleader costume, to an Elvis one. Funny enough, Herbst came up with the idea after his daughter told him he couldn't wear shorts and a T-shirt to drop her off because it was "embarrassing."

2. This dad who trolled his daughter to teach her a lesson about social media.

Dad Chris Burr Martin wanted his daughter, Cassie Martin, to stop taking "sexy selfies" after a few comments were made about them on Facebook. Instead of simply telling off the commenters, and making his daughter stop taking selfies, he decided to post his own photos where he mimicked Cassie's clothes, pose, and facial expressions. Cassie and the commenters got the message: dad is watching. She and others thought the photos were hilarious, and now Martin has a viral Instagram account dedicated to recreating Cassie's selfies.

3. This dad who tweets about his kids to show the funny side of parenting.

It can be easy to take parenting a bit too seriously. James Breakwell is reminding us to see the funny side of raising kids with his hilarious tweets. The dad is raising four girls under the age of 7. To show just how ridiculous and absurd raising kids can be, he shares some of his daughters' hilarious conversations on social media under the handle @XplodingUnicorn handle.

4. This dad who went above-and-beyond to make his daughter feel like a Disney princess.

Nephi Garcia previously worked as a fashion designer for nine years. So, when his daughter, Lilli, made a special request for him to make a princess dress for their trip to Disney World, he was more than happy to oblige. After people saw his costumes, Garcia ended up leaving fashion to focus on selling custom-made costumes for kids and adults.

5. This dad who sat in his son's physics class to show the importance of keeping your word.

When Bradley Howard received a call from his son Bradley "B2" Howard Jr.'s physics teacher about his poor behavior, Howard told the 17-year-old that he would sit in his classroom if it happened again. Well, when Howard received a second call, he showed up in B2's class unannounced — and he sat there for the entire duration of the lesson so his son would focus on his studies.

6. This dad who sent "Beast" to a father-daughter dance when he couldn't attend.

Christopher Nelson is currently deployed in Afghanistan so he knew he wouldn't be able to attend the father-daughter dance at his 5-year-old daughter Gracee Nelson's school. When Nelson and his wife couldn't find any relatives to take Gracee, Nelson came up with the idea to hire a person dressed as "Beast" from Beauty and the Beast to fill in. 

7. This dad who responded to his son's request for an allowance increase with a formal letter.

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After his 6-year-old son requested an allowance advance, an anonymous dad from St. Louis got more than just a denial. He got a rejection letter written on "official" dad letterhead, outlining the reasons why the request was denied. They included the fact he had insufficient funds and "a history of not doing your chores."

8. This dad who came up with a creative solution to stop his triplets from fighting.

Jake White is a father to now 3-year-old triplets Xavier, Jude, and Stella. The toddlers were frequently fighting in the car so, last year, the dad came up with a way to stop the fights. He thought they needed their own space so he created DIY barriers between each of their car seats.

9. This dad who replaced his daughter's broken purse with a "one-of-a-kind bag."

When his teenage daughter ruined her new Michael Kors handbag because of a temper tantrum, dad Stephen Tulsie decided the best course of action was to give her a new one-of-a-kind bag. He took a reusable tote and fashioned it with the Michael Kors strap and logo.

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