10 US Flags You'll Want To Salute, No Matter Your Nationality

Old Glory, meet new school.

While it is debatable if Betsy Ross designed the first American Flag, she certainly did not envision it as bottle caps, bacon or a QR code.

The same cannot be said for the many Americans who bleed red, white and blue with their creative variations of the U.S. flag.

Just take a look: 


1. Salute this house as you pass by.

2. Another patriotic house, but this one includes the Liberty Bell. Because, of course.

3. How many bottles of soda did it take to create this? 1776.

4. Your cell phone wants to salute this flag.

5. The land of the free, and the home of the bacon.

6. This wood project was crafted to American perfection.

7. The United States of Batman.

8. No need to solve this Rubik's Cube.

9. A "sweet" American flag.

10. Even the sky has a patriotic side.

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