Airport Security Officers Have Seen A Lot Of Things, But These Are Some Of The Worst

A cannon barrel. Really?!

Everybody who has ever boarded a plane knows that you can't bring a regular size shampoo bottle with you to the cabin. Or perfume or a bottle of fine scotch if it's above the permitted 3.4 ounces.

What people don't seem to understand is that guns, grenades, swords, and meat cleavers are also off limits. 

Thankfully, there's an Instagram account that teaches you all about the dos and don'ts of the airport safety. And the way it works is also kind of rad — every day, Transport Security Administration's social media analyst Bob Burns posts images of items confiscated at airport security stations in more than 450 airports nationwide.

But not small pocket knives or scissors. Burns literally brings in the big guns.


Like these tactical axes, found at the Baltimore airport.

Burns told Adweek that every day airport officers email him about 20 photographs of confiscated items along with descriptions. He then selects few of the more interesting and quirky photos and post them to the TSA Instagram account.

His goal is to educate and inform public about the prohibited items on the aircraft.

Like this cannon barrel, for example. Definitely a no-go.

Burns also does a weekly recap of the craziest items found in passengers' bags. A month ago, he published a post with some interesting statistics from 2014. 

Over the course of the year, the TSA found 2,212 firearms placed in carry-on bags. 83 percent were loaded. The officers also discovered a live grenade, a homemade avalanche control charge, and a number of stun guns and live smoke grenades.

So the next time you're stalling in line at the airport security checkpoint, be patient. You never know what the other person is hiding in his stuffed Mickey Mouse. 

In this case, it was a disassembled gun and ammunition.

There was also this dagger disguised as the Eiffel Tower.

This sword.

This key chain slash punching weapon.

This... thing.

These eels.

One half ounce of C4 explosive concealed in a tobacco can.

This cudgel.

This taser disguised as a lipstick tube.

This brass knuckle-handled knife.

80 pounds of marijuana.

This live grenade.

This knife hidden under the insole of a shoe.

This throwing star with six blades.

(H/T: TSA Instagram, TSA Blog, Adweek)

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