15 Reasons Why Iceland Is Totally Wack

Iceland Niceland.

1. OK, first of all, Iceland is NOT made of ice. Most of its surface is covered in lava fields. Oh, and they erupt every once in a while.


Looks like all hell just broke loose.

4. Secondly, the 40,000 square mile island (about the size of Ohio) is almost uninhabited. It is home to a little more than 320,000 people, so residents basically know everyone.

6. Why is it so sparsely populated? Maybe because its winds can blow up to 112 miles per hour.

Watch this poor guy try his best.

9. The winters aren't that enjoyable either. You'll be forced to literally chain-proof your wheels.

11. But just think of all the wonders you get in return! For example, a sky that looks like there's been a technicolor glitch in the system.

13. Or cotton fields where every flower is actually a teeny tiny pillow.

15. Not a big fan of nature? OK, how about this — you can get a liter of beer like it's no big deal.

17. Pair it with Iceland's national dish – rotten shark meat. Why rotten? Because the meat of the Greenland shark is POISONOUS when fresh.

19. There are days on the island when everything seems dark. No, really. Poor Icelanders get only 4 to 5 hours of daylight during midwinter.

This is Reykjavík at 10 a.m. in January. Not even kidding.

22. But no one seems to mind because after that comes the White Nights, a natural phenomenon where sun is visible 24 hours straight.

24. With all that free sunshine on your hands, you can easily try riding one of these adorkable Icelandic horses.

26. Or visit a black sand beach. Yes, you read that right.

The black beach in Vik is also the wettest place in Iceland.

29. If you're lucky, you might run into Jón Gnarr, former mayor of Reykjavík.

Yes, this is him in all his glory. 

In 2009, the comedian formed a satirical political party of people that had no political background and named it the "Best Party." Its surprise victory in the city's elections led to him serving as mayor from 2010 to 2014. 

Gnarr also had his own punk band and, as seen above, dressed in drag in support of LGBT rights for the Reykjavík pride parade.

32. Or get to listen to some crazy Icelandic band playing rhubarb instruments in the middle of nowhere.

Even better, go watch Sigur Rós' movie "Heima."

35. All in all, you can't argue with the fact that even Beyoncé enjoyed her time in Iceland. So what's stopping you from doing the same?

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