Here's What Happens When You Attach A Basketball Hoop To A Rock Band's Van

That's a slam dunk of an idea.

What happens when you bolt a basketball hoop onto the back of a music band's van?

You get Rigsketball, a basketball tournament featuring 32 Portland, Oregon bands, played on a regulation-height hoop that's connected to the back of Bim Ditson's tour van.

Started on a whim, Rigsketball has become a way for basketball to unite Portland's music community.

"It is just a bunch of weird artistic people who are maybe not the best at basketball," says Ditson. "There's been a lot of really cool stuff that's resulted from it. I know that there's been some collaborations between different bands that normally would never have met each other."

That's not to say everyone gets along on the court.

According to Ditson, "The teams sort of decide as they are playing how agressive they want to be. Sometimes it is like rugby and sometimes it is like basketball."

It's all fun and games until the guitarist jams his finger.

(H/T: Vice)


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