These Craigslist Ads Will Make You Feel Weird

Sometimes people just want to cuddle...

Cold winds are expected to blow through the Northeast at speeds as high as 75 miles per hour, and residents are gearing up for the worst. In fact, New York Gov. Cuomo is advising everyone to stay inside.

While many are concerned that they haven't properly stocked up on food, water bottles, and batteries, others are worried about being stuck in the house with no electricity, heat or, worst of all, a cuddle buddy.

Craigslist has become an easy place for lonely hearts to find other lonely hearts. Together, they can brave this winter storm in the comfort of each other's warm embrace. It sounds perfectly romantic, except for the fact that these posts are filed under "casual encounters" and many have chosen to embed NSFW photos as a sneak peak at what their prospects can expect to see at their cozy rendezvous. (Relax, those images will not be included below.)

But feel free to take a look at some of Juno's top cuddling prospects below.


Some just wanna chill and watch Netflix.

Don't waste the room, ladies...

Nothing screams creativity quite like a blunt, no-nonsense e-card.

Or just plopping an iconic magazine cover in the middle of your ad...

This guy just straight up quoted a Disney movie.

The old "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse" strategy.

Just trying to start an affair over here, no big deal...

"We can make a snow man if you want..."

If you’re going to be stuck, you might as well choose your companion.

(H/T: Mashable)


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