15 Creative Craft Ideas That Kids Will Absolutely Love

Best way to spend time with your child.

The rise of portable technology in the 21st century has been a blessing to many, but the oft-heard concern that many children would rather indulge in a game on their parents' smartphones than one that requires the outdoors or imagination is not unfounded. But parents have the power to change this and one genius way to do it is by embarking on a creative project together. Craft ideas for kids are aplenty, and are a fun, easy activity that can encourage a child's creativity in ways that don't involve a screen.

From drawing a simple portrait to creating a personalized toy, to even more ambitious projects such as building a whole furniture piece, it's never a dull moment when it's craft time. With sufficient parental guidance and patience, building and creating from scratch can not only instill a "can-do" attitude in a kid, but also strengthen the parent-child bond. Plus, why spend hundreds in Ikea on a bed frame when you can easily make one with your own kid?

So if you're tired of seeing kids everywhere glued to a smartphone or an Xbox, here are 15 craft projects to do that your kid will most definitely enjoy as much as you do.


1. Milk carton animals

Melissa Allen/Kiwicrate

Instructions from Melissa Allen on Kiwi Crate.

2. DIY fairy jars

So pretty and so easy.

3. Painted rocks

This super-simple craft project can develop artistic creativity — and the finished rocks can double as a beautiful paperweights, too.

4. Personalized room sign

Melissa Allen/Kiwicrate

Instructions from Melissa Allen on Kiwi Crate.

5. Refurbished kid's kitchen

Debbie Williams/eHow

Instructions from Debbie Williams on eHow.

6. Pinecone hedgehogs.

Make good use of those fallen pinecones out in your yard.

7. DIY bracelets

Matter of Style/Blogspot

Instructions for this string-and-chain bracelet (and many more) from Matter of Style.

8. Hot air balloons

Tattling To The Teacher/Blogspot

Instructions from Tattling to the Teacher.

9. Underwater "fireworks"

This is a super-interesting way to get science-y with children. 

10. DIY mason jar aquariums

A Little Claireification

Perfect for an aspiring mermaid or sailor. Instructions at A Little Claireification.

11. Homemade bouncy balls

My Frugal Adventures

Instructions on My Frugal Adventures.

12. Summer star wind chimes.

Happy Hooligans

Gorgeous even in the winter. Instructions at Happy Hooligans website.

13. Mason jar superhero banks

Fireflies and Mud Pies

14. Glove monsters

Craftaholic Anonymous

These adorable glove monsters breathe new life into lonely single gloves whose partners have been lost. Instructions at Craftaholics Anonymous

15. DIY window stickers

Doodle paint is great fun and can be used to make these endlessly entertaining window stickers. Instructions at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Go forth and craft!


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