Cows Refuse To Clear Road, Showing Touching Loyalty To A Fallen Friend In China

They simply would not move on.

CCTV News-China reported that a group of cattle surrounded a black bull struck by a car on Sai Sha Road in Hong Kong and refused to disperse, instead remaining to try to assist their fatally injured bovine buddy.


Photos of the helpful herd have gone viral.

The cow's comrades were "seen surrounding the fallen bull," CCTV writes on Facebook, "with some encouraging it by rubbing its face with their heads."

Despite the honks of frustrated drivers, the cattle did not disperse until police arrived, but by then it was too late.

The bull could not be revived and its body was removed from the road.

It's always worth remembering that animals, too, have emotional lives. 

The world might be a better place if everyone were as loyal as these cows.


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