17 Reasons Having A Cousin That Doubles As Your Best Friend Totally Rules

Even if you disagree on who's grandma's favorite.

Some people have too many cousins and others have none, but some of us are lucky enough to have a cousin we can also call our best friend. Being cousin friends is a relationship like no other because it's grounded both in familial bond and choice. 

They're the first person we text when we hear there's a family event, the shoulder we cry on during hard family situations, and the best advice-givers around. They know us in-and-out. 

Here's some of the reasons to seriously appreciate your cousin friends: 


1. They're a support system you've had since before you can even remember.

2. They're one of the only people who you never have to explain your family dynamic to. 

3. You don't ever feel awkward in front of their family, because they're yours too.

4. You've known each other forever so you have an overwhelming amount of inside jokes.

5. Family gatherings are infinitely more fun when you're both going to be there.

6. Let's be real, they're the only reason you even go to family gatherings.

7.  All your best friends have met your cousin. 

8. Even if you haven't seen each other in awhile, you're in constant contact so catching up is always a breeze. 

9. You know that no matter the fight, you'll always make up. You're stuck with each other for life.

10. You get to sit at the kids' table together during holidays.

11. You're able to get away with things more often because your parents trust your cousin more than your friends. 

12. You can always count on each other to share family gossip your parents refuse to tell you about. 

13. They've seen you grow through all awkward stages of life and still love you for who you are.

14. They're one of the only people you know who truly understands how incredible grandma's cooking really is. 

15. You experience important family events together, so mourning is easier and celebrating is more fun. 

16. You get all the benefits of a sibling without actually having to live together. 

17. You don't have to worry about ever growing apart.

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