Try Finding A Booty Call On This App And See What Happens...

Court 'em!

As more and more singles take to dating apps in search of "the one," plenty of people are using the same apps in pursuit of…

Some booty.


But four brothers from the Anheuser-Busch family are hoping to change that. With some help from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Alex, Adie, Andrew and Peter Von Gotard have launched an app that encourages men to behave like actual gentlemen.

The app is called Courtem and according to the website:

-Women are in control of the date from start to finish

-We eliminate the exclusive looks-based, "hot or not" approach of other dating apps.

And, most importantly, "Our branding reaffirms that we are NOT a hook-up app." 

Here's how the app is different: rather than wasting time with the mindless activity of swiping left and right only to spend even more time getting involved in a dead-end "chat," guys must submit a "date proposal" in 140 characters or less.

They actually have to take the time to brainstorm a romantic date idea that the woman they're courting will then approve or reject. There's even a calendar feature so the date and time of this romantic outing must be locked in before either party can begin chatting.

And, fellas, don't even think about proposing a "party" in your pants. There's a user rating system so guys are held accountable for their actions, and future prospects will see any reports of bad behavior.

Some true Southern gentlemen created this app in the hopes of proving that "chivalry is not dead."

We'll see…  


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