Couples Wax Each Other's Facial Hair And It's The Ultimate Test Of Their Trust Levels

"Things can definitely go wrong."

Would you let your significant other wax off your facial hair?

In a video for BuzzFeed, couples engage in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will wax their partner's facial hair. Needless to say, the exercise is an incredible test of trust and patience.

"Things can definitely go wrong," Inez Laval, a professional waxer, says on set.


With that, the participants get their brows and mustaches waxed without seeing the results until it's completely over. And as waxing goes, there's no turning back once it's done.

After seeing the results all of the couples are surprisingly pleased. 

Jenny asks Trevor if he feels "more connected to [her] face."

"I honestly do," he responds. 

Check out the full video below:


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