Couples Try Extreme Workouts Together, And Find There Are More Benefits Than Just Building Muscle

"This trend on the internet where really fit couples do these just obscenely cute things together."

You may have noticed couples on social media showing off their extreme workout routines — together. Or, as BuzzFeed's Ned Fulmer puts it, "this trend on the internet where really fit couples do these just obscenely cute things together." 

So BuzzFeed rounded up Ned and his wife Ariel, as well as another couple — Herbert and YB — to work out with fitness acrobats Julian Daigre and Austin Raye. Julian and Austin combine cheerleading, acrobatics, dance, martial arts, and more into their co-workout routines. 


With that, the couples try various exercises, such as the "machine," which requires one person to lie on their back and hold the other above them by the shins. Meanwhile, the person on top holds their partner's ankles, and together they row like a machine. 

In another, the pairs try couples pushups, which seem to be quite more complicated than just the traditional pushup.

After a week of practice, the couples feel much more comfortable and pleased with their newfound skills. "It wasn't easy, but we supported each other," Ned says. "I"m proud of us."

Even though these workouts might not be so easy, but they are a great way to build trust between partners and spend some quality time together. Plus, Austin adds that it's a way to workout outside of the gym, which saves you some money, too. But as always, be careful — and work with trainers and doctors to find exercises that work for you. 

Check out all the moves in the full video below! 


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