Couples Try To Recognize Their Significant Others While Blindfolded. Things Get Awkward To Say The Least.

Do you know that tush or not?

People spend a lot of time touching their significant others — be it holding hands, hugging or maybe just resting a hand on their tush.

But do they really know their partners that well? So well they would recognize them with their eyes closed? Complex decided to put a bunch of couples to the test and the results were straight-up hilarious.


"I know her way better than she knows herself, so..." says one of the guys when asked about his GF.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves, guys.

So the test begins.

"I don't think that's her," says the guy while touching his girlfriend's nose.

"It is me!" she can no longer hold it.

But what about booties...

"Yeah. It's Mike," another guy declares proudly thinking he recognized his boyfriend.

Nops. Sorry. That's not exactly it.

"Damn. Not Marcus's, but good for you," another girl goes. She got this one just right.

Check out the entire video below.


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