Couples Swap Their Phones And Things Get All Kinds Of Awkward

"You looked up Linkin Park lyrics?!"

When it comes to relationships, sharing is supposedly caring. But is it always? 

Often there are things that we'd rather to keep to ourselves. Like... The entire content of our phones. Not because of something shady, but simply because there's no need for your partner to know that you, say, google Linkin Park lyrics. On a regular basis. 

Elite Daily decided to put 11 couples to the test. They were asked to go through each other's phones. Which can mean only one thing — things are about to get awkward.

"Our cell phones have virtually become digital windows into our souls," says the brief explanation of the video on Elite Daily's YouTube channel. "You can learn a lot about people just by scrolling through their search histories or reading their latest conversations with a friend."

Scroll down to find out what these couples learned about each other.


"Why are you taking shirtless pictures at the gym that you're not sending to me?" one of the guys asks his boyfriend.

Um, HELLO. That's a legit question.

"The last thing you looked up was 'Each step closer,'" another girl laughs. "You looked up Linkin Park lyrics?!"

No shame. He's absolutely owning it.

Watch the entire video below.

Anything you'd hide from your partner?

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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