Makeup Artist Ages Couples By 50 Years, And Then Asks Them If They'll Still Love Each Other

"You look good too!"

What do you think you'll look like in 50 years? How about your significant other? 

In an endearing video from makeup artist Stephanie Nadia, Nadia transforms couples to look like their older selves through the power of makeup. 

"It was a challenge, but so much fun!" the artist captioned on her video. "I loved seeing their reactions."

After the makeup is complete, each person sees themselves in their own mirrors first. One woman gasps at her gray hair and wrinkles, eyes widened.

Then, the couples turn towards each other to see what it would be like to still be together after all those years. 


"Will you still love each other when you're old?" Nadia asks from behind the camera.

"More!" one man responds positively. All of the other participants echo similar sentiment, proving that love has no age.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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