Couples Play The Whisper Challenge And What They Think They Hear Is Priceless

"He doesn't listen to me anyway, so this is going to be difficult."

If you've ever tried playing the "whisper challenge" then you know it's not as easy as it seems.

The challenge itself is simple: two people sit across from one another while one sports noise canceling headphones (or just ones blasting really, really loud music). Then, their partner says words aloud and the person wearing headphones must read their lips to guess what they're saying. 

Easy? No.

And in a recent video for Facts., couples try the challenge and get some pretty priceless results.


"Say hello to my little friend," one woman says to her partner, who must guess the phrase.

"Say hello to the manager?" he responds.


"Why so serious?"

"White toe...?"

Be sure to watch the full video below, and then try playing it with your own significant other or friend. We're sure you'll find it wildly entertaining.


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