Watch Couples Dress One Another In Anything They Want. Yep, Anything.

"I don't think I can leave the apartment like this."

If just for once you could dress you better half in whatever you wanted, what would it be? Or what if your significant other picked your entire outfit? Judging by the video below, there are two main options to choose from.

"Get him to dress better, or just make him humiliated because he's wearing a full leather tracksuit," one of the ladies in the video giggles while browsing for clothes for her boyfriend.

This escalated quickly. Gents pick outfits for their ladies, and ladies do the same for their men. Result? Let's just say, it becomes pretty obvious that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.


"I feel like scuba-Barbie-goes-to-the-strip-club," a woman in the video laughs. "Is this what you want for me?"

"I was dressing him for like Sunday brunch on the Upper West Side... The one thing he does not want to do probably ever," another lady explains.

Nice effort, guys. Check out the entire video below.

How would your dress your better half?

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