Grab Some Tissues And Watch These Couples Confess Their Fondest Memories With Each Other

"We've had so many adventures and near-death experiences together that I can't wait to have the last-death experience with you."

"I love you" is a three-word sentence that can — and should — mean a lot, but it can also act as a crutch at times. You might hope that your partner understands your feelings towards them when you spout those three words, but delving a little deeper and choosing some different ones may just be worth your while. 

BuzzFeed helped several people do just that. In a recent video, they asked couples who had been dating anywhere from four months to four years, as well as couples who have been married for at least a year, to sit down for a little chat. Each couple sat facing one another and answered a few questions that were meant to help reveal their most intimate feelings toward one another. 

And things got pretty heartwarming pretty fast. 


They expressed some of the things they admire most about their partners and hopes for the future. All six couples shared stories from their relationship, from struggling through a long-distance relationship to throwing up in the parking lot after eating too much rice, to crying after receiving flowers for the first time.

We have to admit, it's difficult to watch the video and not want to initiate a similar face-to-face confession with your own significant other. 

You can check it out here:


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