Couples See What Their Babies Will Look Like And Things Get A Little Weird

"But I would like, at least, my nose."

If you see babies in your future, you've probably wondered what they'll look like at one point or another. And if you're in a relationship, perhaps you've questioned how you and your significant other's genetics will look when combined. 

In a recent BuzzFeed video, computer technology blends couples faces together so that they can see what their babies might look like down the road. 

"I do love his face," one woman says when asked what she wants her children to look like. "But I would like, at least, my nose."

When the images are revealed, all three sets of couples have similar explosive expressions, comprised of shock, confusion, and excitement. 


And though the images might not be exactly what their newborn babies will look like, one of the boyfriends eloquently explains an important takeaway:

"Listen, your kid is going to look a hundred different ways and [there are] a lot of things that can happen. And as long as it's your child you're going to love it. We look at this and we say 'that's not really our kid' and then we had to say 'well that is our kid' and then we stepped into the parenting gear. So I'm confident that when [we] go down that path we'll do a great job." 

Now that's the spirit.

Be sure to check out the full video below:


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