A Heartwarming Hospital Wedding Ceremony Unlike Any You've Seen Before

Sometimes love can't wait.

Kristi Warriner and Justin Nelson wanted to get married surrounded by the people they loved. But their newborn son, JJ, was stuck in Fort Worth's Cook Children's Medical Center, receiving treatment for chronic lung problems after being born 16 weeks prematurely. 

To make matters even worse, JJ's twin brother Colt died in utero.

Since JJ would need at least four more weeks of medical treatment before leaving the hospital, the engaged couple brought the wedding ceremony to their son, tying the knot in the neonatal intensive care unit right next to their newborn child. 

As the ring bearer, JJ wore a tuxedo onsie.

This will be the first and last time we probably ever quote the Eagles, but it's true, "Love will keep us alive."

Keep fighting, little buddy! 



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