This Couple Quit Their Jobs And Now Travel The World Taking Pictures Of Each Other Behind The Lens

"We are creating our own happiness.”

Peter Sedlacik and Zuza Galova's romance is a typical boy meets girl love story. 


You know the one: boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy and girl ditch their jobs to travel the world and take pictures of each other.

OK, so their love story is anything but typical.

After meeting and working together at an advertising agency in Slovakia and dating for fourth months, they took a vacation — and a gamble. 

The result of that gamble was Lens Between Us, a "visual travel diary" in which Sedlacik and Galova "face each other, frame up a great composition, and take a picture of each other … taking a picture of each other." 

Galova and Sedlacik's first ever Lens Between Us image. 

The photo project combines the couple's three major loves: travel, artistry, and each other.  They told A Plus in an email, "Because the focus is always on each other, we can see ourselves in [a] better way." 

Besides learning how to synchronize their camera shutters, Lens Between Us has taught the couple important life lessons, especially when it comes to traveling with the same person 24/7. "You learn to be more patient and more flexible, especially when you spend so much time together," they told A Plus. 

Since starting Lens Between Us in June 2013, the couple has explored Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. When in Australia, they lived in a camper van for six weeks. "That can be quite a small place even for two people," they said. "But we know each other very well, so we usually know how to react … unless we are both hungry." 

And their relationship has changed a lot since they began the project. 

“We are best friends, soulmates, and, of course, we are more comfortable with each other — even in front of [the] camera.”

"We don't plan ahead where to go just to take a picture. It's more about the feeling and the atmosphere."

After the shutters close, the true work begins. Sedlacik, an art director, designer, and photographer, handles most of the picture editing with his precise "eye for detail." While they collaborate on tasks and complement each other, their differing skill sets are really what has enabled their success. 

Galova, a designer, photographer, craft-maker, and illustrator, even published a children's book, Bunnies Adventures, which won "Best Children's Book 2013" in the ART BOOKS WANTED Awards.

Galova and Sedlacik told A Plus that one of the most rewarding parts of their lifestyle is being able to see, feel, and experience everything. 

“We control our lives and we have that freedom of choices — where to go, what to do.”

At the same time, pursuing their lives' passions hasn't been without obstacles. 

"It can be challenging for your budget as you don't have that stable income. You have to be wise with managing your sources." 

To support themselves and their travels, Sedlacik and Galova run Crea Crea (Creative Creatures) Studio, an online agency offering graphic design, photography, illustration, and advertising. 

Luckily, for their 25,000+ Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook followers, no cap's coming down on Lens Between Us anytime soon. 

"We love this project, so we will continue till we [no longer] have fun with it." 

They're even thinking of taking their project beyond the digital world and onto coffee tables everywhere with a hardcover book.

But first, the couple's next stop is — believe it or not — home.

Galova and Sedlacik at Galova's sister's wedding. 

They plan to visit their families in Slovakia over the summer before exploring other destinations around the world. 

“People shouldn't be afraid of following their dreams. It might be hard, and of course, there are ups and downs, but it's your life. We are creating our own happiness.”


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