Couple Hilariously Announces Their Divorce Like They're Having A Baby

If only it were this easy.

We've all been there, sitting at a dinner party, when our friends announce they have some big news: "We're having a..." 


Wait. What? 

In this video, a couple tells their friends about their divorce with so much excitement and euphoria it's as if they're having a baby.

"After the three years of marriage, just of the two of us, gallivanting around the world on our trips, we realized we're ready for the next step in life. We decided -- we're getting a divorce!" the couple says as their friends clap in celebration.

The couple then goes on to convince their friends to get divorced as well.

Humorous, awkward and, of course, ironic, the video forces us to contemplate what would happen if couples announced divorces like pregnancies. 

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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