Couple Tries Food From The 1950s And Finds Out How Disgusting It Really Is

"Do not serve your friends or family this."


Vlogger Hank Green, one half of the popular YouTube channel VlogBrothers, recently embarked on a super-gross adventure with his wife Katherine. For Christmas, Katherine's mom gifted her a recipe journal that belonged to her grandmother. The journal is filled with recipes from the 1940s and '50s, cut and pasted from newspapers and magazines. 

The couple decided to cook a few recipes and see how they held up over half a century later. 

The results were pretty gross. "This is not on the list of things that I'd want to eat again," Katherine says after eating "golden rabbit." Things get worse once they try the "Mexican chop suey" recipe. Katherine notices it smells like dog food and Hank adds heaps of salt, only to make it even more gross.

The "orange cranberry relish mold" mess has got to be the most disgusting of the recipes they try. "It's like coming across just some sand in your food," Hank says. "Do not serve your friends and family this." 

The popovers were OK, though! 

(H/T: Cosmopolitan


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