Man And His Girlfriend Take Terribly Unhappy Photos Every Place They Go And It's Hilarious

SO much fun.

If you're sick of seeing everyone smiling on their fun adventures posted to Instagram and Facebook, look no further. 

Redditor YoSoyCookieMonster and his girlfriend decided to mimic the guy who had to go on vacation alone and let it show in his photos to take a few miserable selfies of their own. They made sad faces while hiking cliffs, while at football games and even freaking Disneyland.


They were just playing, of course, but they're lifeless expressions in supposedly fun places is super entertaining. 

"A while ago I saw a post similar to this with that guy traveling everywhere having a 'great time,' " he wrote. "Me and my girlfriend had been doing something similar (not as cool but whatever) and I thought y'all might enjoy this as well!"

They had SO much fun. 

The couple has been reached out to for comment. 


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