Four Years Ago, She Asked Him Out On Twitter. Now, They're Engaged.

This love story started with a simple tweet.

You've seen the trope in romantic comedies dozens of times over. Meet-cutes were all about crashing into each other in hallways, arguing over a cab or some misunderstanding, or meeting on a train, bar, or at the grocery store. Now they happen online where the beginning of their love stories can be easily screenshotted. Such was the case for Torey Stachowicz and Ben Axelrod. 

In 2014, Stachowicz, a personal trainer from Cleveland, Ohio, used Twitter to express her romantic interest in Axelrod, a digital producer and sports writer. "I want to go on a date with @BenAxelrod," she wrote, tagging him in the tweet. 

Hours later, Axelrod responded: "You buying?" 


Stachowicz agreed she would pay for their date and even offered to go to whatever his favorite place is. "Nah, if you're buying, you can pick," Axelrod wrote. "Just make sure they have chicken fingers."

Shooting your shot on social media isn't exactly the easiest things to do considering a rejection can be easily seen by anyone who follows you. But it's a good thing Stachowicz did because she and Axelrod took things offline and fell in love. 

Fast forward four years and now they're taking things to the next level — and sharing it with Twitter once again. 

Yesterday, echoing Stachowicz original message to him, Axelrod tweeted: "I want to marry @toreydanae," tagging her in the post. Two minutes later, he shared a photo of him proposing to her. "I bent the knee," he wrote. "She said yes!

Someone start writing the screenplay for this RomCom, STAT. 

Cover image via Unsplash


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