This Couple Takes The Same Romantic Photo All Over The World — And The Results Are Serious #RelationshipGoals

"As the collection started to grow, it turned into a beautiful snapshot of all the trips we'd experienced together ... "

Every couple has their inside jokes, joint routines, and special traditions. For newlyweds Rob and Joli Switzer, one of the most important parts of their relationship is traveling all over the world, and taking the same picture in each new locale. The couple strikes what has now become their signature "dipkiss" pose, in which the couple locks lips while Joli leans back into Rob's arms and he holds up her right leg. 

"We tried different ideas and the 'dipkiss' ended up being the one that was both romantic and playful, while making people smile as they took the photo for us," the couple told A Plus via email. "As the collection started to grow, it turned into a beautiful snapshot of all the trips we'd experienced together. We even showcased our collection at our wedding."


It took a lot of dipkisses — and even more patience and commitment — to get the couple to their current state of marital bliss. After meeting at a "party for travelers" in the Philippines (where Joli is from), according to the couple's travel blog, they spent a few years messaging each other and eventually entered into a long-distance relationship. 

But unlike other long-distance couples, they didn't visit each other in their hometowns. Instead, they spent the next three years planning their reunions in different cities all over the world. "We agreed it was a good idea to explore different places instead of just going to each other's hometowns all the time," the couple told A Plus via email. "We did go to each others' hometowns, too. But we figured we'd change it up and go to somewhere we haven't been to [a] majority of the time."

It was a picture-perfect arrangement for a couple who, after all, met at a party for travelers. 

While Rob and Joli spent years navigating a 12-hour time difference between Rob's Pennsylvania and Joli's Philippines, they now call Maryland home. "There's been some adjustments, just like any normal couple who moves in together for the first time. Like one of our major struggles is sleeping since we have different sleeping habits," the couple said. "However, the love we have has not changed. We still act like giddy teenagers around each other." 

Their penchant for jet-setting certainly hasn't changed either. "Since meeting each other, we've tweaked our lifestyle to be more focused on spending our money on experiences and less on material things ... Material things fade away, but memories last forever," the couple added. "When we're tempted to buy something extravagant, we usually think to ourselves, 'Would I rather buy that or a plane ticket?' Obviously, the plane ticket wins the majority of the time!" 

The couple not only believes in the old adage that "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer," but that "the memories of those travels are better when shared." That's why one of their favorite couple activities is to reminisce about the adventures and even misadventures they've experienced together throughout their relationship. "We do fight and make up like any normal couple. But whenever we feel frustrated, we usually stop and remind ourselves everything that we've had to go through to get to this point... Whatever else we're fighting about then starts to seem petty in comparison," they said. "...Our main goal is to show people that despite the odds, if you love someone enough, you should fight for them. In the end, true love will persevere." 

It certainly did for these two. 

Because the couple both had full-time jobs throughout their long-distance relationship, they went the extra mile to make it work. "We saved every bit of our money and only used our paid time off to see each other. Everybody has their thing which they want to spend the majority of their money on... Luckily, we both just love spending the majority of our money on traveling," they explained. "We try to live very frugally in our everyday lives so that we can splurge what we save on our trips." 

Those trips — and the one-of-a-kind experiences the couple shared while on them — helped them overcome the small, everyday challenges of being in a long-distance relationship, such as "nights spent apart, long waits between visits, and the difficulty of coordinating daily phone calls." Though they were "tempted to give up a few times in the beginning," the couple knew they'd found something so special, they stuck it out and eventually "found [their] groove, making the time to talk to each other twice a day. 

"Make trust the foundation of your relationship. It's funny that even if we were on the opposite ends of the globe, we were so open and honest with each other," the couple advises other couples in long-distance relationships. "... Also, what really helped with our relationship was planning the trips every few months. That way we had a countdown, and it was something to look forward to during the nights when we were apart. We know not everyone can go on trips too often, but we suggest having some kind of plan to meet up, whether it's a few weeks or a few months in the future." 

While they each have long lists of favorite travel destinations, the couple agrees that Hawaii and Kyoto, Japan — where they were lucky enough to go together — take the top spots. To date, Rob has visited nearly 50 countries and Joli's been to 28. So it looks like they've still got plenty more traveling — and dipkissing, of course — to do.


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