This Couple Invited The Obamas To Their Wedding And Received The Sweetest Response

"We hope your bond grows stronger with each passing year."

When Chelsea Roden and Lisa Hirschpek made the guest list for their upcoming wedding, they spontaneously decided to invite two very special people — Barack and Michelle Obama.


After Roden, a permissions associate at Macmillan Learning, designed their wedding invitations from scratch, she happened to have a few left over. Having heard of people sending their invitations to celebrities for fun, she thought she might try it herself. 

She chose to ask the Obamas after meeting Roberta Kaplan, who argued the Windsor case in 2013 that overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and wrote Then Comes Marriage

"I had a lot of government on my mind ... and was feeling super thankful for all the changes in our country that makes our international same-sex marriage even possible," Roden told A Plus. (Her fiancée Hirschbek is German.) 

Besides a wedding invitation, Roden and Hirschpek sent a handwritten note thanking POTUS and FLOTUS not just for the work that's been accomplished, but also for the support of the Obama administration, which impacted their personal journey. "When we started dating in 2011, marriage was the last thing on our minds — partially because we were 18 and living in different countries, but also because the idea of same-sex marriage was still so new," Roden said. 

Obama announced his pro-same sex marriage position in 2012 and supported the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in its favor last summer. 

When Roden sent the invitation, she didn't really expect a response. "It was mostly a fluke," she said. 

Until one came in the mail yesterday.

The thoughtful RSVP reads: 

"Congratulations to you on your wedding day.. May this special time be blessed with love, laughter, and happiness. We wish you all the best as you embark on your journey together, and we hope your bond grows stronger with each passing year." 

When Roden received the letter, she dropped everything and sent a picture of the envelope to Hirschpek, who was in Germany finishing up her bachelor's degree. "We were Skyping a little bit later and ... she thought it was so cool that the White House sent us something back," Roden said. "It's a really sweet thing to have. I said we should definitely frame it or put it in a scrapbook, and joked — 'or our visa paperwork!' "

Although the Obamas are a bit too busy to attend the young couple's wedding, they nonetheless provided them with some serious #RelationshipGoals.

Besides looking forward to getting married in any state of their choosing, Roden and Hirschpek are excited to enter the next stage of their lives together in a country lead by a powerful couple who practice tolerance and compassion. 

"We're hopeful to have our careers in places where it's officially illegal to fire someone based on their orientation, and have kids without any of the adoption and healthcare obstacles that are being worked out now," she told A Plus. "Our relationship has fortunately paralleled with the journey of America coming to terms with new families like ours." 


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