Couple Stages 'Newborn' Photo Shoot With Puppy To Make A Seriously Amazing Point

Welcome to the family, Humphry!

Matt Kay and Abby Lee have had to field lots of baby questions during their time together, as many childless couples do. So when the Australian couple got their new puppy, Humphry, they concocted a plan: a "newborn" photo shoot. 

The photographer, Elisha Minnette of Elisha Minnette Photography, told A Plus that she and the couple are friends and got the idea while driving home from the Groodle breeder. 

"Abby and I have the craziest sense of humor and we feed off of each other with ideas, literally always thinking and discussing ideas (funny ones)," she said.

They posed in the same way couples with new babies do and had a blast the entire time — even Humphry, who was loving the treats. She then posted the images to her business' Facebook page where they began to rack up the likes and shares. As of Friday, the album has been shared 7,000 times. 

Minnette explained they weren't making fun of new parents, just having a little fun. 


"People say we have way to much time on our hands, that is not the case, we just prefer to be creative outdoors rather then sit inside watching TV," she told A Plus.

Introducing puppy Humphry!


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