Meet The Couple Tying The Knot In 24 Countries For Reasons Beyond Love

Every two weeks, they will travel to a new country and have another wedding ceremony.

Artists and romantic partners Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom are getting married ... 24 times ... in 24 countries. 

It's all part of the duo, together known as JF. Pierets',  performance art piece "22" — a collaboration celebrating the countries that have legalized gay marriage — that's been in the making since the first day they met. 


That day, they were both in Amsterdam attending a lecture by a female porn star. While a bit unconventional, it certainly beats meeting at a bar. "I was just curious, and same with her, she was also very curious," Pierets told A Plus. "And we started talking,  and I think one week later everything was like —"  

"Love at first sight," Bloom interjected. 

"Love at first sight," Pierets agreed. "Yeah, it was love at first sight." 

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Since then, art "encompasses [their] whole relationship," according to Bloom. "We've been working together since the first day we met, really — bouncing ideas off each other, looking at art, getting inspired, talking about things, making work from day one," she explained. "Art has brought us closer in a way that we learn a lot from each other," Pierets added. "She has a whole different view on things than I have." 

Over the past seven years, they've combined their individual talents to create multiple art projects, but always with a focus on "gay identity" and "gay visibility" in art history. "Most of the time, we are just trying to visualize the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis as a gay couple," Pierets said of the overall nature of their work. 

Besides their visual and performance art collaborations, the couple has created and managed an online magazine together called "Et Alors?" for the past seven years as well. Translated into English, that means "So what?" with the goal of providing a positive and expansive platform for interviews with female and gay artists. Now, all those years of work have culminated in their latest — and most ambitious — collaboration: "22." 

"We think it's very important that people know there are only 24 countries out of the 194," Pierets said. "But instead of complaining about the whole thing, we just want to celebrate the countries that do legalize it…" Though the couple actually got married in Antwerp in 2012, they're doing it again (and again and again) to start a conversation about the overall rights of the LGBTQ community. "It's not necessarily about marriage itself ... but it's the fact that you can't. Everybody can marry, well, why can't we marry?" Pierets said. "... I think art opens people's minds, it's the perfect platform to do so because it makes people question things, it makes people consider where they stand on certain topics ... " 

They consider this performance piece the "next logical step" in their professional and personal lives and have made necessary sacrifices in both to finance all the travel, lodging, and legal logistics that come with 24 different wedding ceremonies in 24 different countries. After a year of contemplation, the couple "sold everything" and have used all their savings to finance four of the 24 wedding, all while living out of one suitcase each. "Logistically, it's hell. I think we really should've known this beforehand," Pierets said, half-joking. 

"It's just something that needs to be done ... now we're in it and we've taken the first steps," Bloom added. "So we need to take all of the rest of the steps as well." The first stop on their 18-month journey into matrimony was New York, where they got married on September 20. "New York was an obvious choice for the kick off since we not only love the city, but it also has the perfect vibe of possibilities and ambition to launch a project like this," the duo wrote on 22's official website

With one down and 23 to go, the couple plans to set off for their next country on October 1. Every two weeks, they will travel to a new country and have another wedding ceremony, all of which they plan to film, photograph, and showcase at a final exhibition. "I think that the only way you can get people to change is to just bring them knowledge in a positive way," Bloom said. "... It will stick eventually and maybe a seed will be planted in somebody's mind, and they will start to think about it and realize that 'Hey, this is not the way the world should work.'"  

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To work together on something so all-consuming, it takes a special —  not to mention, enduring —  kind of love. "The thing I love the most about being married to her... just [what] I love the most about her is that she's very direct, and she's very spiritual, and she thinks in a completely different manner than I do," Pierets said. When she gets "completely over the top with ideas," Bloom is there to ground her. "She's more down to earth," Pierets explained. "... And she's so cute." 

"I was about to say that about you," Bloom jumped in. "And I think the best thing about being together is that we are so compatible." 

 "Yes," Pierets agreed. "Different, but compatible." 

"We're so very, very different people," Bloom added. "And it's very funny that we actually can make it work, and we're so complementary." 

"And we're just having fun," Pierets said. "...  And I think in the long run that's what's most important, just to have fun and — "  

"Don't take life too seriously," they concluded, in near-perfect unison.  


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