This Couple Aimed To Re-Create The Buddhas In Afghanistan. They Proved Holograms Can Be Powerful.

When creativity meets technology.

14 years ago, two giant Buddha structures in Afghanistan, known as the Buddhas of Bamiyan, were destroyed by the Taliban. 

The structures, well over 100 feet, were built in the sixth century and served as a site of pilgrimage and learning for Buddhists. 

According to The Atlantic, authorities in Afghanistan, local residents and officials of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), have been unable to decide what to do with the site that formally housed the two Buddhas for approximately 1,500 years.

One couple, Janson Yu and Liyan Hu, had an idea. 


While traveling the world and filming a documentary, Yu and Hu, a Chinese couple, decided to create 3D projection holograms, imitating the Buddha structures that once were, The Atlantic reports. 

Yu and Hu finetuned the projections on a mountainside in China, then brought their project to Afghanistan after receiving approval from the Afghan government and UNESCO. 

The holograms were cast from a projection earlier this month in front of a 150-person crowd. 

Though not replacements of the original structures, the holograms perhaps served as a symbol of hope and encouragement for those impacted by the demolition of the historic site in 2001. 

Check out the scene in the AJ+ video below:


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