Couple Discovers The Kindness Of Strangers When Their Car Breaks Down On The Way To Church

"It just showed us that people are really, really kind."


Anyone who's lived in the southeastern United States will tell you that Southern hospitality is a vital part of the South's culture of honor. One couple who relocated to Charlotte, N.C., from upstate New York three years ago got a big taste of that hospitality via the concerned actions of nearly a dozen strangers when their car stalled on their way to church two weeks ago.

According to WFMY News, Eddie and Mina Bell were on their way to church when their car suddenly broke down on the side of the road. Neither had their cellphone — they opt to leave them at home so they don't accidentally disrupt services — and they desperately needed to call AAA. 

Luckily, a passerby offered Eddie his phone to use.

But that was just the first of many people to stop and ask if they needed help, leaving the couple overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers in a part of the country often stereotyped as racist. Eddie tells WFMY that between eight and 10 different people stopped to offer assistance, including one man who came over twice as he was mowing his lawn to offer them a place to sit and relax. "He came back and he said, 'Are you sure you don't want any water? You want to get out of the sun? You can come in, get out of the hot sun. We said, 'No we're OK,' " Bell said in an interview with WFMY. Still, others invited them to come to church with them.

The couple said they were extraordinarily thankful to everyone who stopped. "No matter where you live, there are good people in the world," Mina Bell told WFMY, "regardless of what color you are and this reinforced that living in the South is not as bad as some people might think it might be."

"It just showed us that people are really, really kind," her husband added.

(H/T: WFMY News 2)


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