These Are The Most Popular Beers Around The World

You'll never guess what America's is.

There's probably a lot of disagreement about which beer is best just within your friend group. Some people prefer light and crisp brews while others want to sip on something with more complex flavors. There are some beers you never get sick of and others you'll only drink once in a while. 

While you and your friends may do quite a bit of arguing, there's actually some agreement nationwide on the most popular beer. 

Alcoholic beverage site VinePair collected market research and corporate filings to find out what the most popular beers are in each country around the world. Then, it put this information into an easy-to-read map. 

The beers vary widely from country to country. In fact, no country's most popular beer is exactly the same. It's probably a good idea to keep in mind that popular doesn't necessarily mean best

Check out some beers featured and the entire world beer map below:


1. Mexico

2. Ireland

3. Belgium

4. England

5. The Netherlands

6. Greece

7. United States

8. Indonesia

9. Australia

10. India

11. Japan

12. Canada

13. Jamaica

Check out the entire beer map below:

(H/T: DesignTaxi

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