This Short Film Shows You The Beautiful And Terrifying Power Of A Lego Midas Touch

A blessing and a curse.

The idea of a Midas touch — being able to turn anything into gold just by touching it — is a fun one to apply to chocolate, candy, and really, any treat. As the centuries-old lesson goes, though, it becomes a problem pretty quick when you realize you can't touch anything without it instantly turning into what you wished for. Hence the phrase "don't make stupid wishes." That was it, right?

Anyway, the creative folks at Corridor Digital — who in the past have made videos depicting a real-life Mario Kart, stop-motion karate, and the perspective of a bouncy ball — are back at it with an inventive look at life with a Lego Midas touch.

It's truly a tragic tale, with the guy first relishing in his powers and eventually realizing what horrible gift he's been bestowed with. Corridor Digital is great at combining special effects with humorous situations to create exactly the kind of short video you need to pass the time during a weekday afternoon.


Laugh at and simultaneously fear the Lego Midas touch below:


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