10 Corny Dad Jokes That Will Make You Sigh, Then Laugh

We should've seen #5 coming ...

If you're ever in need of a laugh, you can always count on a good old fashioned dad joke. There's something about predictable punchlines and corny dad puns that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even if they're totally embarrassing dad jokes

According to a famous funny dad, comedian Donnell Rawlings, "Dad jokes have to be edgy, and dad jokes almost have to be at a point where they're embarrassing to say."


After centuries of suffering bad dad jokes, the Internet was created for all dad joke survivors to come together and laugh at each other's pain.  You can find dad joke lists on Twitter and dad jokes on Reddit. The Internet has even thankfully turned out some pretty epic dad joke battles.  

And even though these quips might make us sigh and groan in real life, we can't help but find joy in reading dad jokes from around the world.  Because they aren't simply jokes, they've become a culture — a genre even.

In fact, viral dad jokes have evolved into hilarious and epic stunts. Some creative dads have gone viral for things like dressing up in an embarrassing costume to pick their kids up from school. Other hilarious dads have trolled their teens on social media. Even when they aren't trying to "ruin" their children's lives, we've see dads who've used dad jokes to win at parenting.

Celebrating how far dad jokes have come, we've rounded up ten of our favorites that are sure to make you smile,  laugh, face palm, or at least breath some air through your nose. 

1. Never make puns about birds.

2. "Words will never hurt me."

3. A corny family joke.

4. Did you hear about the kidnapping?

5. Of course, elephants. -_-

6. What do you call a lazy doctor?

7. When dad is hip to pop culture.

8. *Smiles in sigh*

9. I CAN not.

10. Dad jokes transcend parenthood.

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