Cop's Body Cam Shows Him Pulling A Man From Burning Car

They smashed his window to break him free.

Recently released footage shows what some are calling an act of heroism by two Okaloose County deputies this past Christmas

The video, taken from one of the officer's body cams, reveals that the two saved a man from a burning vehicle. Florida officers Joseph Trimboli and Eric Keyes approached a car that was engulfed in flames and yelled for the man to open the door. But the smoke had begun to take its toll.

Deputy Keyes then shattered the driver's side window and with Trimboli's help freed the man from the burning vehicle. The man was treated at a local hospital for cuts and smoke inhalation.

Okaloose County told ABC News that the two have been awarded a Medal of Merit for their heroism, but comments on the video suggest that some members of the public don't think the officers are worthy of commendation.

"They should have broken that f*cking window the second they saw someone in the vehicle and either tried to open the door or pull him out the window as opposed to standing there yelling get out of the car," user jdeebz303 wrote.

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(H/T: Neatorama)


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