Cops Pull Over A Teen Battling Cancer, Then Shock Her With An Incredible Gift

From scared to excited.

Maddie Carlson is a 16-year-old girl in New Hampshire battling Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. After learning that a police lieutenant had collected donations for Maddie, her mother Kathy came up with an idea to have officers pull them both over and present the money directly to the teen.

Obviously, the plan included a little fun by scaring Maddie into thinking they were being pulled over for doing something wrong and that's what set up the great payoff of handing her a $250 check for her cancer treatment. Initially, Maddie was supposed to be the one driving, but because she was too weak to do so, Mrs. Carlson took the wheel and went forward with the plan while her daughter sat in the passenger seat.


First the cops walked up to the car in standard imposing fashion.

Then things appeared to get serious.

As the officers accused Mrs. Carlson of driving erratically and being distracted by the family dog, Maddie apparently jumped in immediately to defend her. 

"She was shocked and scared," her mother said, laughing. "She's a rule follower."

Then Maddie spotted Lt. Pierre Pouliot, a friend of the family, filming the encounter. She knew right away something was up. That's when another officer explained what was happening and handed her the check.

"It was so meaningful to her," Mrs. Carlson said. "This is emotionally really difficult for her, so this was a pick-me-up that melted our hearts. To see her smile — that doesn't happen often for us right now."

Maddie was diagnosed in May and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. A fundraising page has been set up to help the family pay her medical bills, but this particular donation will likely stand out above the rest.

Check out a video of the heartwarming prank below:


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