Friends For 71 Years, These Two Are The Definition Of Friendship Goals

"Really looking forward to having this for myself."


Can you say friendship goals?

Actress, fitness guru, and singer Kamari Copeland shared an adorable video on her social media accounts of her great grandmother with her best friend. And although the video is only 15 seconds, you can see how much love these two ladies have for each other.

According to Copeland's Instagram, the two women — Jane, who is 102 years old, and Copeland's Grandma Lil, who is nearing her 100th birthday — met in 1945 when they were neighbors, and have been friends ever since.

In the video, Copeland's mother can be heard complementing the best friends on their looks. Jane's response? "We know it, we can't help it!"


The video has garnered thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter, and in her Instagram caption, Copeland writes, "Really looking forward to having this for myself." 

Aren't we all?


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