When A Cop Pulled Her Uncle Over, This Little Girl With Cancer Got An Unexpected Gift

"He just made this little girl’s day a little better."

"It started as a routine traffic stop," reports KTVI, but then something incredible happened.

Dana Manley received a text message from her husband that he was "scared half to death" after he was pulled over by Officer Shawn Birdsong on his way home from his niece's chemotherapy treatments.

According to her husband, Matthew Manley, the officer stopped him and then proceeded to search through the trunk of the cop car for an odd amount of time.


Turns out the officer was just looking for a very special backpack he had on hand for the 5-year-old girl in the car.

The backpack was filled with supplies for the 5-year-old, who has been receiving cancer treatments on a daily basis, according to KTVI. Supplies included stuffed animals and clothing.

But there was more...

Along with the routine supplies, the officer made the gesture a little more personal. He stuck in a note reading: "From Officer Shawn:  Hope you get to feeling better real soon."

In fact, "The department carries backpacks with supplies for children thanks to a program called Project Backpack St. Louis," the report explains.

According to Project Backpack's website, the project has been serving the Metropolitan St. Louis area since 1999. It "provides area police departments, social service agencies, domestic violence shelters and Department of Family Services workers with backpacks filled with necessities and comfort items" to be delivered to children at any moment.

“Cops are doing their jobs, but they’re people too,” said Dana Manley in response to her family's experience. “I don’t think people realize that anymore.”

Dana Manley says that the cop has even called to check on her niece multiple times since pulling over her uncle.

And while Matthew Manley still got that ticket, the family is OK with it, but that's his job. "He did exactly what he was supposed to do," Dana Manley told KTVI. But he made their little girl's day that much better.

Watch the full report below:


(H/T: Fox2Now)


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