Cop Pulls A Woman Over For Broken Headlight ... And Fixes It For Her

A police officer truly serving his community.


Irvine, Ky., resident Lee Riley Freeman took to Facebook to write about getting pulled over by the police for a broken headlight last week, but she wasn't complaining. That's because the police officer who pulled her over took it upon himself to correct the situation personally.

When Adrian McKinney — a captain, according to his collar insignia — of the Irvine Police Department pulled Freeman over last Wednesday night, she informed him that she had a replacement bulb, but wasn't able to install it herself. That's when McKinney popped the hood and went to work to fix the headlight himself.

Freeman's story was picked up by Love What Matters, where it has generated a staggering 30,000 shares. Check out her original post below:


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