21 Unbelievable Clocks That You Have To See To Believe

Great timing.

Clocks never stop and apparently neither do people's imaginations. Thanks to technology and a little creativity, today's clocks no longer look like actual clocks. These unique clocks are more like a luxurious fashion statement than a time-telling device. 

Here are 21 unusual clocks that are beyond anything creative you've probably ever seen:


1. You haven't seen anything like this one.

2. Your eyes are the clocks.

3. Time spelled out beautifully.

4. This changes shapes.

5. This one is da bomb.

6. John Cleese as a clock.

7. It's always time for pizza ... even burnt ones.

8. It's like a science experiment.

9. You would show off this one to your friends.

10. Gear up for this clock.

11. That looks about right.

12. You'll go through a lot of markers with this one.

13. How many clocks does it take to make a clock?

14. Follow the ball.

15. The best clock for couples.

16. The clock turns into bats.

17. Old computers have a good use.

18. A clock that wakes you up with bacon.

19. A Tetris clock that is insane.

20. Make room on your bookshelf for this.

21. Getting this clock wet is what you need.


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