People Got On Stationary Bikes In Public. What They Saw Amazed Them.

Was definitely not expecting a giant neon stripper.

Contrex, a French mineral water company, came up with a brilliant ad campaign designed to get people excited about fitness. The theme? "Slimming doesn't have to be boring." It falls in line with Contrex's assertion that in order to stick with a fitness regimen, people generally need to have fun in order to stay disciplined. As it says on its website, "If it is not always easy to find the motivation, the only way to keep pace is to realize that our everyday life is full of opportunities to burn calories while having fun."

Its ad campaigns capture the joie de vivre that informs its brand. 

This campaign, titled Contrexperience, started in 2011 with a commercial showing 10 stationary cycles on the steps of a building. 


When a crowd gathers and begins to use the cycles, something very interesting happens...

As the exercisers continue, they get a VERY wild surprise.

As they keep pedaling harder, they're rewarded by their neon friend ...

And at the end, it all pays off. Watch the full video here:

Now, before you start trolling the comments, yes, we know that this commercial was later criticized as "fake" by people pointing out that the neon stripper may have been added in post-production. 

It's still a great message. For more from Contrex, take a look at its Facebook page

What do you do to stay in shape? How do you keep fitness fun?

(H/T: DowzerW)


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