Mom Claps Back After Being Shamed For Looking At Her Phone In Post-Birth Photo

"The way another mother is mothering is not your problem."

On July 1, blogger Constance Hall shared one of her favorite photos of herself just after her son, Raja, was born. The photo shows her with a phone in one hand and a drink in the other, with the newborn at the foot of the bed being cared for by Hall's partner. 

Unsurprisingly, commenters were quick to criticize Hall for "neglecting her newborn" and for "caring more about her phone than the baby." Some were even shaming her for her drink choice.

Others, however, praised the photo for showing a time when mom could rest and dad could bond with the baby. They came to Hall's defense and revealed how they enjoyed the post-birth experience with everything from Taco Bell, to a specially made Indian curry, to a cup of tea.  


On July 3, Hall responded to the criticism in a follow-up post and made it clear whose business it was that she was on her phone.

In the post, she explains that she wasn't aware of the controversy that erupted until supporters began messaging her. She explained, "The truth is ... it's [nobody's] business what a mother is doing on her phone the day she gives birth, if she's sending her children and mother photos of the baby or Googling tit jobs in Thailand — it's not your business."

"In fact the way another mother is mothering ... is not your problem."

She continued that there are two exceptions when it's a stranger's business. The first is when a child is being abused, neglected, or not having their medical needs met. In this case, Hall suggests Child Protective Services be informed rather than complaining on Facebook. The second time is when the situation involves your own kids.

The Australian mother signed off, making it clear that she isn't bothered by the negative comments. "Please don't be concerned about me," she wrote. "I couldn't care less about these comments. I'm on the beach, with five of my kids in the sun with the dolphins at Monkey Mia."

One commenter explained their reaction to the photo and how it made them see things differently. "I like to think I am a forward-thinking, nonjudgmental person so I have to be honest: In the split second when I first looked at the pic [I thought], 'Wow on the phone and not with baby.' It was only after I took it in and actually thought about that I checked myself and asked myself WTF is wrong with me. I'm not that judgmental person, and I love so much about this pic. Dad had baby under control and mamma was doing her thing, and if the roles were reversed not a single person would question dad on the phone."

"Just shows how childhood stereotypes remain in us long after we change and still creep up on us."

Another elaborated on the thought, "Words of advice I've never forgotten: Your first thought is what you've been conditioned by society to think. Your second thought is who you really are. Sometimes your first thought isn't yours at all."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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