Blogger And Mom Constance Hall Advocates For Body Positive Parenting In Facebook Post

"The world needs to be flooded with your image."

32-year-old blogger and mother Constance Hall wanted to share a special message with her audience on International Women's Day. The popular social media personality from Australia is not afraid push the envelope when it comes to parenting issues, as she recently did in a post about the unglamorous side of breastfeeding.

In this instance, Hall decided to share a photo of her and her baby to start a discussion about mothers being naked around their children.

Hall says that she's promoting the practice to combat the unrealistic expectations of women's bodies often found in the media.


"I believe that with the help of Queens loving themselves the next generation's definition of beauty will be radically different and no longer will we [idolize] the unrealistic airbrushed idea of perfection that causes so much self doubt and depression," she wrote on Facebook.

Hall might have a point here. In December, motherhood expert and writer Norman Nathman spoke to CNN on the topic.

"Nudity, when it's within your home and 100 percent nonsexualized, isn't going to traumatize a child, especially if you're all on the same page, are all consenting and are all comfortable with it," Nathman told CNN.

Hall's Facebook post on the subject went viral.

Hall also perfectly summed up her message of body positivity.

"If you have stretch marks, a hairy minge, saggy boobs, a flat bum, smile lines, a wobbly belly, cellulite, a tiny chest, or any other REAL women women traits, the world needs to be flooded with your image," she wrote on Facebook. "THE WORLD IS DESPERATE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL IMAGE."


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