Gorgeous 2-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Already Has Two Modeling Contracts

So adorable.

When you see two-year-old Connie-Rose Seabourne, you'll immediately notice her stunning big blue eyes and great big smile. 

But there's more to this U.K. toddler than a stellar personality and looks. In a video interview with YouTube news channel SWNS TV, her mother, Julie Britton, 43. explains Connie-Rose was born two months premature, and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at just two weeks old. 


"Connie's absolutely delightful. [A] lovely little girl. She's full of character, full of personality, a little bit naughty, and she's absolutely beautiful," says Britton.

Of course, as a mother, Britton was taken by her daughter's beauty, but when friends had the same reaction to Connie-Rose's good looks, Britton decided to reach out to a modeling agency.  She was immediately met with encouragement, and told her daughter absolutely had a chance at being a model. 

Refinery 29 quotes Britton: "When I spoke to the agencies about her Down Syndrome diagnosis, no one even batted an eyelid." 

It wasn't long at all before Connie-Rose was signed on to TWO modeling contracts. Not bad for a tiny tot... 

And this isn't just great news for Connie-Rose...

Publicly celebrating the inner and outer beauty of a person with Down Syndrome is meaningful for all people with disabilities, a group that generally needs more representation in the media. And in a much larger sense, Connie-Rose's success is a step toward redefining beauty to include all different kinds of people and looks. 

Perhaps this little girl will even follow in the footsteps of 18-year-old model Madeline Stuart who also has Down Syndrome, and recently walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. Though, Connie-Rose's mother made clear the moment her daughter shows any disinterest or doesn't enjoy modeling anymore, she will stop

For now, we are just glad this lovely little girl is getting some positive attention! 

Watch the video to learn more about Connie-Rose's story:

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