The Secret To Making People Fall In Love With You Is Easier Than You Think

You'll want to try this out for yourself.

We live in a busy world, filled with stimuli, work and general hustle and bustle. But even for those living in cities populated by millions, the hardest thing in life can simply be finding human connection.  

But what if there was a foolproof way to get to know another person in no time at all? 

"Sign me up," you'd probably say.

Recently, A+ highlighted an article in The New York Times that referenced a study done by psychologist Arthur Aron over two decades ago. In the study, Aron successfully made two strangers fall in love in a lab by having them answer 36 questions and do one simple thing — stare into each other's eyes for four uninterrupted minutes. 

Inspired by the article, uplifting YouTube channel SoulPancake decided to put a few couples through the stare test to see if it would help them create a stronger connection.


Couples in various stages of their relationships were asked to participate...

...and then make eye contact for four minutes.

At first it was little awkward, but in the end everyone had fun.

Participants even expressed that the experiment successfully helped increase their intimacy.

"How wonderful it was to just sit here and look at my wife for a change, without discussing work, business and situations," said this participant.

Check out the full video here.

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