Steaks Were Donated To The USO After The Congressional Picnic Was Cancelled

It was a small good deed that meant a lot to some lucky members of the military.

Rib-eye steaks, spinach, cole slaw, quinoa, black beans and pies from the Congressional picnic were donated to the United Service Organization after President Donald Trump canceled the annual event so that Congress could focus on immigration legislation.


"We did not want the food to go to waste, and so we were happy to be able to accept it," Michelle Shorterncarrier, a spokeswoman for the United Service Organizations, told A Plus. "We host monthly luncheons at the Warrior and Family Center in Bethesda, and it just so happens to fall on our monthly luncheon."

The food was originally donated to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, but Shorterncarrier said the center couldn't take the food. A Walter Reed spokesman did not immediately return a phone call from A Plus.

USO has nine locations in metropolitan Washington and helps provide services for the wounded, ill and injured, along with their caregivers, and is open to active duty service members. Typically, USO centers are built adjacent to military hospitals so they can provide services for the military members and their families who are there. Positioned next to Walter Reed hospital, the Warrior Family and Center in Bethesda is the second largest USO in the world.

"Food is one of the most favorite commodities that we have in terms of our centers," Shortencarrier said. "There was a lot of food and we were happy to be able to provide it to those who defend our nation."

Cover photo: Shutterstock / TierneyMJ.


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