By Not 'Giving A Fuck For A Week' This Guy Gained Some Newfound Confidence

"Believe in yourself."

Sometimes, people need a little help realizing just how great they truly are.

So in a new video for BuzzFeed, Jared, a man on a mission to overcome his insecurities, works with Gianni, a style and confidence coach who attempts to help improve Jared's self-image, increase his confidence, and help him to find his own signature style. 

Prior to his week-long experiment, Jared opens up about where his issues originated: "When I was in high school, I had this huge crush on this dude who I thought was super beautiful. At the time, I was a much heavier guy." 

But when Jared asked him on a date, his crush responded: "Oh, that's so sweet. I would love to date you — if only you lost like 20 pounds."

"Fuck them and fuck what they think," Gianni tells Jared, speaking in response to those who try to bring others down.

With that, Gianni begins offering up confidence tips to help Jared complete a series of challenges. The challenges include: talking to strangers, picking out a new outfit and posing for a photo shoot, and hosting a party with co-workers. 

And it's those confidence tips that everyone should hear:


"Confidence starts with improved body language and positive thinking."

"Know that people can only affect you as much as you let them."

"Clothes affect your mood, so a great outfit can lead to boosted confidence."

"Exuding confidence is about knowing yourself and loving you for you."

"Realize that you deserve to be the VIP as much as anyone else."

With that, Jared takes on each and every challenge bravely and confidently. And by the end of the week, he concludes: "Believe in yourself. Just seeing that it was possible gave me so much confidence.

And when Gianni asks about that crush from high school, Jared's epic response proves this week has been a success.

"Who?" Jared says with a smile. Be sure to check out the full video below for all the positive confidence and lifestyle tips:


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